Teddy Berjer Couch


Each space frame of your house completes a part of the overall story of your house. One of those frames is a comfortable corner with a Scandinavian style Teddy Puf together with a touch of Linden tree on the Tucas Axel coffee table. This combination creates a pleasure-oriented micro corner to your house and makes this your favorite spot.

Handmade Vase

Precision, delicacy, and sensitiveness to create this hand-art are spectacular. The artist has spent hours creating the aesthetic value which is presented on this chine plate.

This picture is displayed in a large size on purpose to emphasize the details and a particular viewer can appreciate its distinction over various other products. 

As a matter of fact, this work of art is the result of an integration of the modern approach to visualizing tile arts with the figurative expressions that the artist adds to the traditional version of ceramic art.