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About Designers Luzid Studio

About Designers

An artisan, craftsperson, designer, and whoever believes to have the ability to create new decorative objects, furniture, or anything whose presence will make people’s rooms tasteful are gathered in our studio. We welcome those talents with their glamorous pieces from all over the world that their artefacts are well accreted in their region but may not have had the possibility of accessing other markets. We all are gathered together here at Luzid studio to promote each other and eliminate those soulless creations produced by mass-produced companies. We are here to learn from our partners to appreciate the classiness, beauty, and value of hard-working.

Ani Studio

Rugs and Textile

Rugs & Textile

Ani Studio

Ceramics & Kitchen Accessories 

Cansu Sakiz

Furniture and Decoration


Furniture and Decoration



Mona Studio

Ceramics & Decorative 

Vildan Özcan

Furniture & Decorative 

Z mix

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